5 Lessons from the PLE Experience

5 Lessons from the Physician Licensure Examination Experience

Doktor na talaga ako!”

I was so excited to say these words to my parents.

But the days leading up to the two weekends of the Physician Licensure Examination (PLE), I was still left feeling unprepared. When the time to take them came, the tests seemed more difficult than how they were described. Continue reading “5 Lessons from the PLE Experience”

The UP Medicine Blog Rounds

This article written by Cary Amiel G. Villanueva (UPCM Class 2017) was originally published via UP Medics.

Long before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were around, there were blogs.

Blogging has been in existence for over a decade. Originally online repositories of personal thoughts and experiences, blogs have evolved to cover a range of topics from news and reviews to guides and how-to’s. There’s a blog for nearly every topic there is. Continue reading “The UP Medicine Blog Rounds”