About Me

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I’m Amiel (pronounced as /EY-mi-yel/), a medical student from Davao City, Philippines.

During my childhood years, I received instruction under the Jesuit brand of education where I learned about magis, cura personalis, being a man for others and the 5 C’s (Christ-centeredness, competence, compassion, commitedness, conscientiousness).

As a scholar at the first regional campus of the Philippines’ most prestigious science high school system, I was committed to the pursuit of excellence imbued with a scientific spirit and anchored on the core values of integrity, respect and loyalty.

I went to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor being privileged to be accepted in the Integrated Liberal Arts and Medicine (INTARMED) Program, the accelerated medical curriculum at the country’s national university known for esteeming honor and excellence. At the UP College of Medicine, we are trained to become five-star physicians (medical practitioner/specialist, leader/manager, educator, researcher and social mobilizer) that are community-oriented.

My aspirations include becoming a good husband and father, a medical specialist, an educator and bioethicist.